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Boy Scout Troop 247
(Baltimore, Maryland)
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Erik Roese Sr.

Erik Roese Sr. is an Eagle Dad (son earned Eagle in 2016) and graduate of Loyola University.    Erik joined Troop 247 as Scoutmaster John Meyers' right-hand man as welcomed transplants from another unit in the Middle River area.  As of September 2019, Mr. Erik assumed the role of Scoutmaster for Troop 247.

Erik served with unfaltering dedication as an Assistant Scoutmaster and Merit Badge Councilor for a variety of badges, with a special emphasis overseeing the "1st Class in the 1st Year" program the Troop offers to help transition the newly-bridged scouts from a very adult-led Cub Scout model into the boy-led model of Boy Scouting.  He has a strong science/tech background and brings exciting and innovative ideas and lessons to the youth of Troop 247.

Erik was a Cub Scout leader and bridged into Boy Scouting along with his son Eric Jr. (Eagle)

John Myers (Eagle)

John Myers - Eagle Scout & Assistant Scoutmaster

John Myers "SMJ" is an Eagle Scout and father of 2 boys, both involved in Scouting.  John served selflessly as Scoutmaster from 2014 through 2018, delivering a Scouting program as described in the BSA Handbook.    As an Eagle, he understands the value of Scouting on young men, and the joy of returning in adulthood to offer leadership to the next generation of boys.  John continues to serve as an Assistant Scoutmaster.

When not in his Scout uniform, "SMJ" is a certified chef and food broker.

Jeff Currier (Eagle)

Eagle Scout, Class of '88 and "Eagle Dad"

Jeff Currier is an Eagle Scout who has served selflessly in Troop 247 back to 2005.   Prior to that, Jeff served as Den Chief and Cubmaster in the Cub Scouting Program.  When our troop reformed in 2006, Jeff was named as the new Scoutmaster and dedicated himself to delivering the Program "by the book" to ensure that any boy who experienced Boy Scouting at Troop 247 would look back on his Scouting career knowing he experienced Scouting as Lord Baden-Powell intended.  Starting with only 3 boys, Jeff was integral in building the roster up to over 50 youth members and a new contingent of dedicated adult leaders. 

As leadership needs changed, Jeff has drifted in/out of the Scoutmaster position as needed and currently serves as an Assistant Scoutmaster and the Eagle Scout Coach to ensure that perspective Eagle candidates adhere to the (strict) guidelines imposed by the Troop, Council, and National.    Jeff is also a Merit Badge Councilor (MBC) for several badges.

In his spare time, Jeff embodies his strong Christian faith by volunteering at his church's soup kitchen and community outreach programs to the under-privileged.   Jeff is also a co-founder in the popular Inter-troop Klondike Derby that is now being planned for its 10th consecutive year; an event that many troops in the area openly speak of as "the best trip of the year" for their members.

Jeff is the proud father of 2 sons; Zac (Eagle) and Jordan; both of whom also experienced Scouting at Troop 247.

Paul Napoli

Paul Napoli is an "Eagle Dad", meaning he has a son who has earned the Eagle Scout rank (2010).   He is a life-long resident of the Overlea/Fullerton/Perry Hall area and works as a Systems Engineer selling computer/network storage and data protection solutions to the US Government.  As an entrepreneur, he has owned 4 small businesses. 

After joining the BSA with his son Joseph in 2000 as a Tiger Cub team, his son volunteered him to be the Tiger Den leader.  As a result, Paul became heavily involved in Scouting and joined the District Training staff and held multiple positions throughout the Dulaney District.  Paul is an Ordeal member in the Order of the Arrow who has held a wide variety of Cub Scout, District Committee, Boy Scout, and Venturing Scout positions.   His current/active positions are listed below:
  • Assistant Scoutmaster (T-247) [present position]
  • Religious Emblems Coordinator (Catholic)  [present position]
  • Merit Badge Councilor (various badges)  [present position]

Paul has a number of training credentials, the notable ones are listed below:

  • Woodbadge NE-IV-179 (Owl)
  • American Red Cross CPR
  • NRA Certified Range Officer
  • STAND (Catholic Church program for youth protection and abuse awareness)
  • Religious Emblems Coordinator (National Catholic Committee on Scouting)

Paul is committed to the ideals behind the Scouting Movement and works to see that our Program is administered the "BSA way".   He has brought unique opportunities to area youth as the founder of the "Girl Scout Skill Day" event (a unique Troop 247 outreach program to introduce outdoor skills to Girl Scouts & leaders) and is a co-founder and remains one of the annual organizers of the Invitational Inter-troop Klondike Derby (Dulaney District's "unofficial" Klondike Derby).

Dave Foster

Dave Foster actively serves as a Committee Member for the troop and has since 2009. Over the years he has helped the troop in many ways by holding various other (often concurrent) job titles including Training Coordinator, Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator, Summer Camp Coordinator, Trip Coordinator, Jack of All Trades on camping trips and is a Merit Badge Counselor for a wide variety of merit badges.

Dave is a Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow, Nentico Lodge and was a Trip Adviser at Northern Tier High Adventure Camp in 2014 and continues to arrange a variety of trip destinations and High Adventure and historic outings for the Troop.  He currently holds the following certifications for Scouting:
  • Youth Protection (Boy Scouts)
  • STAND (Catholic church youth protection)
  • First Aid
  • CPR
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Certified Religious Emblems Coordinator (National Catholic Committee on Scouting to administer the Religious Emblems program)

Dave also served as a Den Leader and Committee Member for Pack 247 from 2004 to 2009 including 4 years as a day camp volunteer. He was a member of Pack 146 from 1975 to 1977, achieving the rank of Arrow of Light and Troop 146 from 1977 to 1978 achieving the rank of Second Class. 

Outside of Scouting, Dave enjoys hiking, camping, backpacking and watching his favorite Baltimore sports teams.

Joseph Napoli (Eagle & Lifetime NESA member)

Although Joseph is no longer involved, we honor him with this page as he was the first "Scout to Scouter" in the reformed troop.    Joseph Napoli is an Eagle Scout who was a member of the "Raptor" patrol; the "inaugural" patrol after the Troop's total rebuild in 2006.   He aged-out of Boy Scouts at his 18th birthday with 50 merit badges, 3 Eagle Palms, 50-miler, Historic Trails patch (Gettysburg), complete C&O Canal patch, Open Water SCUBA certification, and the Webelos Den Chief Award.   Joseph participated in C.O.P.E. twice, Brownsea youth leader training, NYLT, and a high adventure trek canoeing for 5 days down the Missouri River, retracing the tracks of famed explorers Lewis & Clark.   He served on 2 occasions as the Senior Patrol Leader and 2 occasions as the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader and returned as an adult scouter as an ASM.

As a Cub Scout, Joseph earned the Arrow of Light, Light of Christ, Parvuli Dei, all 4 Rosary Patch emblems, and the Catholic Awareness award (NCCS) and was one of 2 boys in his Webelos patrol (Mongoose) to earn every Webelos activity badge.  He also won "Most Outrageous Design" trophies every year for his Pinewood Derby cars.   Joseph remained involved in Scouting as a youth member of Venturing Crew 247 until he aged-out on his 21st birthday.  He currently serves as an Assistant Scoutmaster.

Joseph's other "claim to fame" can be found in the May 2012 issue of Boys Life Magazine where he was pictured/interviewed in a story about his work in the Robotics MB class at the BSA's first national STEM Day held at Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

Joseph attended St. Mary's University in Emmitsburg and is a graduate of the University of Baltimore where he majored in Business Management with a focus on Entrepreneurship.  As a student, he won 1st place in the "Rise to the Challenge" business plan/proposal competition conducted by the Merrick School of Business.  Joseph currently works in the Baltimore City District Court.

Joseph was joined in Scouting with his sister Jessica as a Venturing Scout, and his cousin Stephen as a Boy Scout (Manatee Patrol).  He held the following designations:
  • Assistant Scoutmaster (T-247)
  • Youth Protection (Boy Scouts)
  • STAND (Catholic youth protection training)
  • Religious Emblems Coordinator (National Catholic Committee on Scouting)  (STILL ACTIVE)

Joseph's hobbies are video games, fictional writing, drawing, kayaking, camping, fishing, nature hikes, and bicycling.

Chris O'Ree (Eagle)

       Eagle Scout and "Eagle Dad"

Lieutenant Christopher O'Ree is the Commander of the Baltimore Police Department’s Operation Cease Fire and has been a member of the Police Department since 1996.  Prior to his career in law enforcement, Lieutenant O'Ree served 4 years with the United States Marine Corps as an infantryman.  During his tenure with the department, Lieutenant O'Ree served in the Northwest District Patrol, Operations and Drug Unit, Criminal Investigations Division- Narcotics, Organized Crime Division, and HIDTA.  After becoming a Sergeant in 2006, he worked in the Northern Patrol Unit, the Organized Crime Division (where he supervised the Undercover Squad), Violent Crime Impact Division and Violent Crime Impact Section.  In 2011, he was promoted to Lieutenant assigned to the Education and Training Section, Academy Commander were he supervised the Entry Level training program.  Lieutenant O'Ree is the recipient of a Bronze Star, two Commendation Ribbons and four Unit Citations.


       Chris is an Eagle Scout 1987, Troop 97 and a member of the Order of the Arrow, Atlantic Highlands, Monmouth County, New Jersey.  He is an experience Emergency Medical Technician 1988- 1992 Holmdel New Jersey Fire, First Aid and Rescue Squad.  He is also trained in High angle rope rescue, building collapse and vehicle extrication.  From 1991- 1995 he served in the USMC as an Infantry man, Anti-terror operations.  He is also an avid rock climber, hiker and back woods camper.


       Chris was also the Pack 247 Cub Master for two years and currently has three sons in Troop 247 one of which is an Eagle Scout.  Chris is a Merit Badge councilor for Climbing, Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Pioneering, Citizenship in the Nation, Physical Fitness and others.

Bryan Mackey (Mr. Bryan)


     Officer Bryan Mackey is a member of the United States Capitol Police and has been with the Department since 1989,   Mr. Bryan also was a sergeant in the US Army and Maryland Army National Guard serving as a helicopter crewchief.  He was a NBC NCO, Marksmanship NCO, and a combat lifesaver.  He also taught aircrew survival.  He was deployed to El Salvador in 1999 as part of a Task Force for the Victims of Hurricane Mitch.  As a police officer with the Capitol Police Mr. Bryan has served in many different assignments and is a Crisis Intervention Officer. He currently works on the Cannon House Office Building Renovation Project.

    The first uniform Mr. Bryan ever wore was at the age of 7 when he became a Cub Scout with Pack 155 at Calvary Lutheran Church.  He was a Boy Scout at Troop 100 and then Troop 155.  In 1982 he went to Philmont Scout Reservation.  Mr. Bryan was an Assistant Scoutmaster at Troop 155 when he aged out.  When his son entered cub Scouts at Pack 475, Mr. Bryan found himself back in uniform again as a Den Leader and later as a Webelos Leader.  Mr. Bryan became an Assistant Scoutmaster at Troop 247 and currently helps the PLC with Leadership training.  Mr. Bryan currently serves as the Committee Chair for Troop 247. 

      Mr. Bryan is a Merit Badge counselor for the Aviation, Camping, Citizenship In The Community, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship In The World, Crime Prevention, Emergency Preparedness, Family Life, Fingerprinting, Fire Safety, First Aid, Model Design And Building, Orienteering, Rifle Shooting (NRA Certified Rifle Instructor), Safety, Search And Rescue, Small-Boat Sailing, Traffic Safety, and Wilderness Survival Merit Badges.  He is one of the co-organizers of the Troop 247 Invitational Klondike Derby.

     His hobbies are shooting, model rocketry, model building, sailing, and camping.  He is a shooting instructor and an avid collector of historic firearms.  At Calvary Lutheran Church he volunteers as one of the caretakers.  He is married and has a son and a daughter.