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Boy Scout Troop 247
(Baltimore, Maryland)
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Scout Binder

The Scout Binder is another awesome Troop 247 creation that has proved to be VERY helpful to the Scouts (new Scouts & parents especially).   Reinforced by the habits of carrying their books in school, we created a binder to hold a collection of "key topics" that help keep the boys mindful of the "BSA ways" and also gives them a place to organize (and not lose) important papers for Merit badges and such.

In the "attachments" below are a series of Microsoft Word documents (in no particular order) that you may print out to make your own binder if the Troop did not provide one to you already.   Parents are encouraged to read these attachments!

In addition to the attached documents below, we would suggest the following also be included:

1.  Plastic "baseball card" collector sheets for holding MB "Blue Cards"
2.  BSA uniform Insignia guide (Boy Scout uniforms start on page 25 of this link)
3.  Weekly "Troop Meeting Planning Charts" for the upcoming/planned meetings - should be provided to you by the SPL/Scribe/Scoutmaster.  A blank form is available from the FORMS tab on the left side of the web page.
4.  WORKSHEETS for any Merit Badges actively being worked on
5.  OTHER -  reading a magazine and see a good idea for a camping trip, fund raising idea, day trip destination?    Put it in your binder so you're sure to bring it to the next Troop/Patrol/PLC meeting!

You may put your/your son's name on the binder by adding his name in MS Word to the cover sheet document below.

Icon File Name Comment  
behavior announcment.doc  
Board of Review.doc  
parent addendum.doc  
Patrol Menu.doc  
This awesome Scout binder belongs to.docx Binder Cover Sheet